Christoph Waldhauser

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Predoc Researcher
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics
Institute for Statistics and Mathematics
Welthandelsplatz 1 A-1020 Vienna, Austria


ECPR Winter School R Courses

For folks ending up here, looking for ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques' R courses, you will find them on

[Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2013; Otepka et al. 2013; Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2013; Püspök et al. 2013; Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2013; Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2011; Tatzl and Waldhauser 2010; Ogris et al. 2009; Waldhauser 2009]


Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. 2013. A stochastic simulation of the decision to retweet. In: P. Perny, M. Pirlot and A. Tsoukiàs, eds., Algorithmic decision theory. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 221–229.

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. 2013. Solving dynamic optimisation problems with revolutionary algorithms. International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications 5, 3, 143–151.

Otepka, J., Ghuffar, S., Waldhauser, C., Hochreiter, R., and Pfeifer, N. 2013. Georeferenced point clouds: A survey of features and point cloud management. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 2, 4, 1038–1065.

Püspök, R., Tatzer, E., and Waldhauser, C. 2013. Primärversorgung durch niedergelassene kinder- und jugendärzte in österreich. Pädiatrie & Pädologie 48, S01, 106–118.

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. 2011. Evolved election forecasts: using genetic algorithms in improving election night forecasting. Proceedings of gECCO 13, ACM, 229–230.

Tatzl, G. and Waldhauser, C. 2010. Aggregating opinions: Explorations into graphs and media content analysis. Proceedings of textGraphs-5, Association for Computational Linguistics, 93–97.

Ogris, G., Ptaszyńska, A., Sturmberger, W., and Waldhauser, C. 2009. Wohnungsnachfrage in wien. SORA.

Waldhauser, C. 2009. narratives@war: Zu den politischen ideologien der neuen sozialen bewegungen anhand der beispiele frauen- & free software-bewegung.

[Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2013; Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2012; Hochreiter and Waldhauser 2012; Waldhauser and Hochreiter 2011; Waldhauser 2008]


Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. 2013. A genetic algorithm to optimize a tweet for retweetability. Paper presented at MENDEL 19.

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. 2012. An evolutionary approach towards clustering airborne laser scanning data. Paper presented at MENDEL 18.

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. 2012. Revolutionary algorithms. Paper presented at BIOMA 5.

Waldhauser, C. and Hochreiter, R. 2011. What lurks beneath: Hazards in using data-driven non-parametric approaches in voting studies. Paper presented at the 6th ECPR General Conference.

Waldhauser, C. 2008. Taming the monster: Conceptions of power in post-modern organizations. Paper presented at POWER 1.

[Waldhauser and Hochreiter 2013; Waldhauser 2013; Waldhauser 2013; Waldhauser 2013]

R Packages

Waldhauser, C. 2013. peter: Public transport nETwork simulation environment for r. KDSS K Data Science Solutions, Vienna, Austria.

Waldhauser, C. 2013. genutil: Utilities for genetic algorithms.

Waldhauser, C. 2013. Revil: Zombie outbreak simulator for the analysis of opinion propagation.

Waldhauser, C. and Hochreiter, R. 2013. lasr: Tools for working with airborne liDAR data.

[Hochreiter and Waldhauser; Waldhauser and Hochreiter; Hochreiter and Waldhauser; Hochreiter and Waldhauser]

Working Papers

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. Zombie politics: Evolutionary algorithms to counteract the spread of negative opinions. January 2013.

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. Evolving accuracy. a genetic algorithm to improve election night forecasts. April 2011. November 2011. October 2012.

Hochreiter, R. and Waldhauser, C. Capturing attention: How to make effective screencasts. May 2011. August 2011. November 2011.

Waldhauser, C. and Hochreiter, R. Shaking the trees: Abilities and capabilities of regression and decision trees for political science. November 2011. October 2012.

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