In both courses we are going to work mainly with the European Social Survey. In addition I have prepared some small data sets we can use to practice data import and export.

European Social Survey, , UK Short Course Long Course

The European Social Survey is a rather extensive survey of numerous countries in Europe that is executed every other year. We are going to work with the most recent data: round 6 from 2012. Since the ESS is rather large in volume, we will only use one country, the UK.

Unfortunately, ESS is accessible only after registration at the ESS website. Redistribution of the data is prohibited. Also, ESS is only available as SAS, SPSS and Stata formats. Hopefully, these courses will contribute to ESS data releases in the native R format.

Please retrieve from the ESS website:


Small Data Set Short Course Long Course

As the ESS data set comprises more than 2,000 observations in over 500 variables, let's use a smaller data set for practicing. Below there are four versions of the same data set in different formats. Please retrieve at least the R and SPSS versions. The other ones you can use, if you want to look at the data in a program you are more familiar with.