Day 2 is all about reproducible research. We will get to know Markdown and its connection to R and see how teams can collaborate on projects using git. The day will be rounded off with some more advanced aspects of R data management.

Mandatory assignments for tonight

Complete exercises, so you could, when asked, present them to class on the following day.

Prepare chapter 8 from R in Action, this description of complex samples in R.

Optional assignments for tonight

If you think that using Git remotely could be potentially useful for you, and you want to practice it, do the following:

  1. Create a Github account at Github.
  2. Tell me you Github username, I'll add you to our WSMT R Course organization.
  3. Start a new version controlled project and clone the repository into it.
  4. Start to code and commit as much as you like. Everything you do there will be public to the entire internet though.



Slide deck long course pdf md

Demo file 2a (Advanced data manipulation) R

Demo file 2b (R Markdown) Rmd



Exercise file 1 R

Exercise file 2 R

Exercise file 3 R

Exercise file 4 R

Exercise file Markdown Rmd



Solutions file 1 R

Solutions file 2 R

Solutions file 3 R

Solutions file 4 R

Solutions file Markdown Rmd