Day 1 will focus on laying the foundations for an efficient use of R. After getting to know the RStudio interface we will experiment with R syntax and data management.

Mandatory assignment

Complete exercises, so you could, when asked, present them to class on the following day.

Optional assignments

Prepare chapters 6,7,8 from R in Action and this description of complex samples in R.



Slide deck short course pdf md

Demo file 1 R

Demo file 2 R

Varlist utility R



Exercise file 1 R

Exercise file 2 R

Exercise file 3 R

Exercise file 4 R

Exercise file 5 R

Exercise file 6 R

Exercise file 7 R

Exercise file 8 R

Exercise file 9 R



Solutions file 1 R

Solutions file 2 R

Solutions file 3 R

Solutions file 4 R

Solutions file 5 R

Solutions file 6 R

Solutions file 7 R

Solutions file 8 R

Solutions file 9 R